Polishing timber floors services

If your timber floors have lost their look and feel over the years and have become worn out, rough and pale, you can breathe a new life to them through polishing timber floors. The look of your timber floors could be very easily lifted and this in result would lead to a better living experience and would certainly add additional value to your property. Polishing the timber is an art for us at JU Flooring. We advise our customers on the time of installing the timber floors that they must make a routine about polishing their timber as it will increase the life of timber and would protect its original look.

When planning to go for polishing, DIY methods are theoretically good options but only when you know what you are doing. However there are many tricks to floor polishing which only the professional men of industry know. With the use of heavy sanders and experienced hands, our experts will do an amazing job for you at a very low cost.

Polishing and Refinishing are two separate things. Polishing keeps the finish that is already on the floor intact and restores the floors existing finish by filling in very small scratches. While refinishing is the complete removal of existing finish and then its replacement. Polishing timber floors is quick and our experts will guide you whether your floor needs refinishing or not. It can save you a lot of money and would increase the longevity of the timber floors.

Polishing Techniques

We offer a range of options according to the needs of our clients throughout Sydney. Following are three major categories of finishes

  • Oil based varnishes (slow to try but good for high traffic areas, it includes Natural oil and Traditional Tung oil finishes )
  • Water based polyurethane (quick drying)
  • Solvent based polyurethane (very tough)
  • Modified oil polyurethane.(domestic finish)